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Jared Luís is a multi-instrumentalist and performer based in New York City. After graduating from Stanford in 2015 with a B.A. in Music with concentrations in Composition and Conducting, he worked as a music director and pit musician for various theatre companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. 


Born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, Jared has an eclectic music background that is heavily informed by the sounds of the border and his vast array of experiences as a performer. From musicals to big bands, emo rock groups to symphony orchestras, he has collaborated with musicians from all walks of life. This mix  of styles and perspectives allows him to approach music creation with a broad set of tools as he blends his roots and experiences to create a unique sound that defies genre. 


In 2022, Jared completed a Master’s degree in Music Theory and Composition for Songwriting at New York University. Since graduating, Jared is freelancing in New York City as a producer, songwriter, and session musician.

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